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Customer Reviews: Liquidation Advisory CentreWe are experts in all things debt-related. We can give you a clear understanding of your options and how they can help you regain control over your finances. We go above and beyond for our customers, which is why we have five stars on Google Reviews. Here are a few people who are satisfied with the easy process and their customer service experience.

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Overall Rating (5)
Jacqui Brown
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Thank you so much for sorting out something that has cost me so much time, worry, and money over several years and really looked like taking a major chunk out of my savings. It just seemed to simple with your help.

Again, thank you for your wonderful, efficient service. I can’t thank you enough.

Commercial Drainage and Plumbing Pty Ltd
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The team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre has been excellent. In a difficult situation, they made me feel very relaxed, and they were able to explain the process to me, so I understood it fully and there were no unexpected hurdles.

Our family company failed, and I was stranded with nowhere to go. The team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre came to my rescue and guided me through the company's liquidation. Yes, the liquidation hurt, but the Liquidation Advisory Centre team ensured the process was as smooth as possible.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. .

Mills Industrial Services
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I was referred to the team at Liquidation Advisory Centre by a former client of theirs and an accountant friend.

My business was suffering a significant industry overhaul, causing massive disruptions beyond my control.

I was convinced a Voluntary Administration was possible, but the team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre reviewed the business and advised that, in their opinion, it was not possible (or would at least be very difficult) due to the conditions we could not control.

I was so set on going into Voluntary Administration and not losing my business I ignored the advice and went to another advisor. This advisor agreed to place the company into Voluntary Administration, and after spending nearly $80,000 in fees, I found the company had no choice but to go into liquidation.

I now appreciate the candidness and expertise of the team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre. Their recommendation was what was best for the company and the creditors in the end. Their judgement did not consider their fees as a contributing factor to the process. For us, it was an expensive lesson, but I now have no hesitation in recommending the team at Liquidation Advisory Centre to anyone in financial stress seeking honest and impartial advice.

Roy & Jenny Perkins
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We dealt with one of the teams at the Liquidation Advisory Centre twice. The first time was six years ago when he worked for another firm, and we found him to be very approachable and knowledgeable. He guided us through the Voluntary Administration process, and we were paid 100 cents in the dollar.

After getting back on our feet, we again experienced cash flow issues following the collapse of several significant debtors of our company.

We searched for Ross because we wouldn't have trusted anyone else to assist us. After an extensive review, he advised that liquidation was the only alternative. He explained why the Voluntary Administration wouldn't work in our current situation, and we appreciated this honest assessment.

So, in the end, the liquidation was conducted professionally, thoroughly and with minimal fuss. .

Sasha Grewal
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The team at Liquidation Advisory Centre reviewed the business and suggested we trade on, and the business could be sold as a going concern. He indicated that selling as a "going concern" would likely produce the best return for the creditors.

He advised for the trade-on to work efficiently, the Landlord would need to be on board; however, the Landlord indicated that the arrears were too significant and terminated the lease.

The team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre continued to make representations to the Landlord, but ultimately, it was agreed to simply liquidate the company. Despite my continued ill health, the team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre showed a significant understanding of my health issues and showed empathy throughout.

I have heard of horror stories involving company liquidation, but this was not the case with the team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre.

Cassandra Walsh
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Would highly recommend Andrew to anyone having financial difficulties. Andrew made me feel very comfortable - he took care of everything and keep in regular contact with me throughout the whole process.

Service was fantastic and he also keep in regular contact with me when everything had been finalised Thanks Andrew! can now get my life back on track.

Eve Damjanovich
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Very prompt service and excellent source of knowledge and information, I highly recommend Andrew's service for a quick turn around of circumstances.

Tracey Douglas
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Andrew put my mind at ease in one easy appointment. Very satisfied with the outcome and service provided. Highly recommend Andrew.

Shane Thompson
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Andrew was a steadying hand with his advice. Showing that things aren't as bad as first thought nor any obstacle insurmountable. If you have questions needing answers, Andrew is the person to ask. Thanks for your advice Andrew.

Brad Sampson
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I have been a small business operator for the past 15 years and enjoyed a moderate level of success for the most part but recent times and government policies have all but destroyed my industry.

This left me with a level of debt that I just could not trade my way out of , no matter what I tried. I found myself wallowing in debt , suffering depression and not wanting to talk to anybody about my problems.

Then I was referred to Mr Andrew Bell to talk about bankruptcy. This was something that I knew very little about, other than what I have been told by uninformed people, which as it turns out, they knew nothing about bankruptcy either.

I had all these misconceptions of the penalties and limitations that go along with bankruptcy of which Andrew set me straight on. Bankruptcy of old meant horrible things and that's what stopped me from seeking help previously but after Andrew explained the current laws and regulations involved with a person filing for bankruptcy in 2019, I felt a level of comfort that I was doing the right thing to save my small business and my sanity.

I recommend anyone feeling like I did, to please give Andrew a call and have a chat about where they currently find themselves and what can be done to alleviate the stress that unpayable debt brings. In short, Mr Andrew bell is a very approachable person who actually cares about the situation of the people with whom he speaks with and in this day and age, that's an uncommon thing.

I would not hesitate to refer Andrew to anyone else suffering in silence as now I feel that I have my life back and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Mr Bell, thank you.

Gareth Lane
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Andrew and his team do an excellent job of helping their clients with liquidation advice and it is a pleasure to work with him.

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Don't hesitate contacting Andrew, I was stressed, struggled sleeping through debt. Andrew put me at ease. He listened to my situation and we decided on my next move. Andrew is professional and easy to talk too. I would recommend highly to anyone who wants help to give him a call. I appreciate your support Andrew. Regards Brett.

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