Liquidation Case Studies

Read our Liquidation Case Studies to discover how our team have been assisting everyday Australians like you, Companies and Individuals with Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Liquidation. Our goal is to assist you in finding ways to resolve your financial concerns and find a path to Financial Freedom.  Act now to find out what you need to do to keep your business afloat – don’t risk trading insolvent.

ATO Debts Lead to Liquidation

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Liquidation Case Studies


We were introduced to a plumbing contractor by their accountant firm. They had received a letter from the ATO advising that the company tax debt was at an acceptable level, and the ATO intended to begin recovery action. A review of the company’s financial position identified it had no realistic means of repaying the ATO debt.


Our review also determined that the company had been trading insolvently for at least six months, and the Directors were now potentially personally liable for the company debt. The Company Directors accepted our advice that they had a positive duty to stop trading where the company was insolvent, and we were appointed Liquidators.


The Directors’ actions in responding quickly after receiving our advice meant that they minimised the impact on themselves personally, and they also avoided receiving a Director Penalty Notice (DPN), which transfers company tax debt onto the Directors personally.

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